Apr 20, 2022 | By Kismet

Web design

Custom Website Design & Development

After we nail down your overall branding together, you’ll need a website, friends! It’s the face of your business. Where you can truly show off who you are, get your message out to the world, and make a statement about who you are as a company.

As you already know, our greatest superpower is listening, so your website will feel so unique to your business. It will shine with your brand personality and identity, continue to build the trust with your customer and client base that’s starting to get established, and so much more.

While we specialize in design, our website packages offer much more than that. We will not leave you with a website that simply looks beautiful (although it will!); we will also do all the behind-the-scenes work, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

We are experts in the development of your website, and as we are designing and developing, we are also thinking about UX and UI. If you have an existing website, we can audit for this too. UX, user experience, is becoming a vital piece of your strategy as the game evolves in the digital space. Our experience with UI will ensure that users are interacting with your website in a way that has them most engaged. More traffic and click-throughs? Yes, please.

In addition, we never want an audience member to feel isolated, left out, or like they were not top of mind when creating your website. This is why we also have ADA-compliance audits in place, so no matter who lands on your site, they will feel welcome and accepted.

Your brand colors, messaging, and epic calls to action will all be complemented by our ability to take care of the back end of your site too. We offer SEO in the way of both on and off-site technical work, reviews, and reputation management. So you don’t have to spend hours searching for just the right spot to put that keyword or which theme will give you the most speed – it’s all taken care of from top to bottom.

Lastly, we’ll never leave you hanging after everything is in place! We understand that a website is one of your business’s most important assets and that it is ever-evolving, and we treat it as such. Our support is invaluable as you launch and continue to tweak and maintain as your business grows- which after you put this fantastic site into the world, it will! We can’t wait to see what doors open for you, and we’ll be there cheering you on every step of the way.


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