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About Kismet

At Kismet, we do one simple thing very well: we listen. We listen to your goals and needs for your business and then we intuitively create strategies that achieve those goals while also addressing any blind spots or untapped markets. This is your brand. Getting to the point where you’re talking to us? You made that happen. Achieving your marketing goals and elevating your brand? We make that possible.

As two entrepreneurial-minded women, we started Kismet because we believe all people deserve access to good, quality marketing regardless of their budget. As you grow your business, we grow with you.

Our work

Our Expertise

First and foremost, we are creators, friends, and teammates working in a digital space. We love working with fun, dynamic brands to help them reach their target audience, company goals, and their potential. Check out our services to see what we can do for you.

Our Expertise

First and foremost, we are creators, friends, and teammates working in a digital space. We love working with fun, dynamic brands to help them reach their target audience, company goals, and their potential. Check out our services to see what we can do for you.



Content Creation

Web Design

Our Look Book

Indigo Family Business Cards

Indigo Family | Branding

CrossFit Iron Legion T-Shirt

Iron Legion | Branding Website Display

Roxanna | Website Redesign

DSS, Inc. Website Display

DSS | Website Redesign

CrossFit Iron Legion Website Display

Iron Legion | Web Design

Magnolia Financial Business Cards

Magnolia Financial | Branding

Dark Side of the Spoon Display

Dark Side of the Spoon | Web Design

Impact BioMedical Display

Impact Biomedical | Web Design

Pure Air | Web Design

Premier | Website Redesign

USX | Web Design

RBC Life Website Display

RBC | Web Design

Gotham Agency | Web Design

The Dance Dots | Content Creation

Taylored Acupuncture | Web Design

Alset Title | Web Design

Dance Dots | Web Design

Puradigm | Web Design

Sea Serpent Tours | Web Design

Southern Society of Pain Intervention | Web Design

WolfPacc | Web Design

Filo | Branding

Ocala Style | Branding

DSS Pure Air | Branding

The Incomologists | Branding

Filo website displayed on an iPad

Filo | Web Design

Mandys Voice website displayed on an iPad

Mandy’s Voice | Web Design

Boob-eez | Web Design

Our Core Industries


When working with our medical clients, we leverage their established brand identity to increase ROI through website conversions, website support, reputation management, as well as consulting on a brand strategy that achieves their short-term and long-term goals.



​​Our beauty clients help us highlight our creative strengths as we have to think outside the beauty box to make them stand out in a multi-billion dollar industry that is saturated with high-revenue advertising campaigns, established legacy brands, and clean beauty trends.


Real Estate

The real estate industry isn’t just about buying and selling properties. It’s about people, listening to their needs, and making the impossible happen. Our clients know their brand, expect the delivery of elevated and sophisticated content, and require niche marketing strategies every time.

Real Estate

Mergers & Acquisitions

This global multi-billion dollar industry is about supporting new acquisitions and entities while simultaneously appearing attractive to investors. These clients require advertising an airtight brand identity that inspires trust in this highly confidential industry based on long-term relationships.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Luxury Brands

When marketing within the highly-saturated luxury brand industry, you need to stand out, have ideal-focused marketing, and create a brand strategy that is both rooted in brand identity while constantly evolving to speak to trends, stay relevant, and reinforce why they need your product.

Luxury Brands

Health & Wellness

Rooted in ideals, the health and wellness niche is an umbrella industry that spans from e-commerce to scientific education to subscription-based income opportunities and wellness programs. This multi-tiered industry focuses on marketing sellers, consumers, and products.

Health & Wellness


Marketing within the unique industry that is philanthropy is exciting and challenging as we are both educating the targeted audience and generating revenue for the foundation. Our clients trust us to raise awareness of their overall mission and specific campaign goals.


Creative Arts

As a team of creatives, we love to work within the creative arts industry. Creative art campaigns require the careful curation of images and assets, the establishment of meaningful partnerships, and the focus on powerful central messaging that highlights their mission and core values.

Creative Arts


As a small business, we understand the importance of finance and needing a trusted partner to ethically manage your assets with integrity, strategy, and with your long-term goals in mind. Our finance clients always aim to educate their target audience and establish expertise in the field.


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Content Reigns Supreme!

Jun 20, 2022 | By Kismet

The Latest


Meet the Founders

Mar 7, 2022 | By Kismet

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