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Conscious creators redefining the marketing standard. It’s Kismet.

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Conscious creators redefining the marketing standard. It’s Kismet.

Stand Out From The Competition

Conscious creators redefining the marketing standard. It’s Kismet.

Don’t Sleep On Your Marketing

Conscious creators redefining the marketing standard. It’s Kismet.


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About Kismet

At Kismet, we do one simple thing very well: we listen. We listen to your goals and needs for your business and then we intuitively create strategies that achieve those goals while also addressing any blind spots or untapped markets. This is your brand. Getting to the point where you’re talking to us? You made that happen. Achieving your marketing goals and elevating your brand? We make that possible.

As two entrepreneurial-minded women, we started Kismet because we believe all people deserve access to good, quality marketing regardless of their budget. As you grow your business, we grow with you.

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Our Expertise

First and foremost, we are creators, friends, and teammates working in a digital space. We love working with fun, dynamic brands to help them reach their target audience, company goals, and their potential. Check out our services to see what we can do for you.

Our Expertise

First and foremost, we are creators, friends, and teammates working in a digital space. We love working with fun, dynamic brands to help them reach their target audience, company goals, and their potential. Check out our services to see what we can do for you.



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Web Design

Web Development


Our Look Book

Sentry Computing | Web Design

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Boob-eez | Web Design

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MCA Block Party | Content Creation, Social Media

Our Core Industries


When working with our medical clients, we leverage their established brand identity to increase ROI through website conversions, website support, reputation management, as well as consulting on a brand strategy that achieves their short-term and long-term goals.


​​Our beauty clients help us highlight our creative strengths as we have to think outside the beauty box to make them stand out in a multi-billion dollar industry that is saturated with high-revenue advertising campaigns, established legacy brands, and clean beauty trends.

Real Estate

The real estate industry isn’t just about buying and selling properties. It’s about people, listening to their needs, and making the impossible happen. Our clients know their brand, expect the delivery of elevated and sophisticated content, and require niche marketing strategies every time.

Mergers + Acquisitions

This global multi-billion dollar industry is about supporting new acquisitions and entities while simultaneously appearing attractive to investors. These clients require advertising an airtight brand identity that inspires trust in this highly confidential industry based on long-term relationships.

Luxury Brands

When marketing within the highly-saturated luxury brand industry, you need to stand out, have ideal-focused marketing, and create a brand strategy that is both rooted in brand identity while constantly evolving to speak to trends, stay relevant, and reinforce why they need your product.

Health + Wellness

Rooted in ideals, the health and wellness niche is an umbrella industry that spans from e-commerce to scientific education to subscription-based income opportunities and wellness programs. This multi-tiered industry focuses on marketing sellers, consumers, and products.


Marketing within the unique industry that is philanthropy is exciting and challenging as we are both educating the targeted audience and generating revenue for the foundation. Our clients trust us to raise awareness of their overall mission and specific campaign goals.

Creative Arts

As a team of creatives, we love to work within the creative arts industry. Creative art campaigns require the careful curation of images and assets, the establishment of meaningful partnerships, and the focus on powerful central messaging that highlights their mission and core values.


As a small business, we understand the importance of finance and needing a trusted partner to ethically manage your assets with integrity, strategy, and with your long-term goals in mind. Our finance clients always aim to educate their target audience and establish expertise in the field.

The Latest

The Latest


What the Heck is SEO?!

Nov 27, 2023 | By Kismet

Social Media

Content Reigns Supreme!

Jun 20, 2022 | By Kismet

Client Testimonials

Kismet Creative continues to exceed my expectations. Their team is comprised of multi-talented professionals that make you feel like their number one priority every day! I feel blessed to work side by side with them on an array of projects, from design, web development, social media content creation to reputation management. They are AMAZING! Truly the best people. I would highly recommend you giving them a try!
Lori Moonen
The Kismet creative team excels in their craft. Their approach is both comprehensive and enjoyable, making it an absolute pleasure to work with them. I will be recommending friends and clients to them every opportunity I get.
Jill Micheli
We don't take the phrase "Dream Team" lightly. We've been so lucky to work on a number of projects with these guys and they're an absolutely irreplaceable collective of brilliant minds. If you're looking to work with or engage an agency to uplevel your business, this team sets the ultimate power bar for brilliance, creativity, out-of-the-box thinking with always-on-track doings, and having SO much fun in between. So, when I say "Dream Team", I really mean Kismet -- the kind of people who do BIG things while keeping being GOOD humans top of mind. You guys rock! Thank you for everything you do!
Nicole Rodzen
I have worked with Jess for almost five years now and it is always a treat! The Kismet Creative team is extremely talented and easy to work with. They have been very helpful with our website, among many other things! I would recommend them 10000% to anyone looking for help with their digital needs!
Jordan Hammack
All I’m going to say is yes. Hire Kismet. There are so many agencies out there that just promise what Kismet actually delivers. Their level of professionalism and expertise is second to none. They’re brilliant, incredibly versed in all digital channels, and will provide you something better than you imagined. If you have an opportunity to work with Kismet to do your digital marketing, you absolutely need to take it.
Lexi Boese
Kismet has helped keep my site up to date and manage my social media accounts. They have a deep focus on customer service, and tailored content. I'm looking forward to growing with them!
Matt Riggins
This team is the BEST. They create a chill working space, in which you're invited to freely explore objectives and creatives ideas, while also being incredibly savvy, knowledgeable, and professional. Whether you need a brand face-lift, an overhaul, or are hoping to build your brand from the beginning- these peeps are your marketing masters!
Alexa Saltarelli
Awesome team...the only design crew I trust! We use the Kismet Creative Co team for all of our website design/development and print design needs. They produce the best designs - both print and web - hands down!! A lot of thought goes into each project they manage and love how they listen to our needs and bring fresh ideas to the table. Project and ongoing website management are tip-top, too.
Ronnie Soud
I wish I could rate higher than 5 stars! I am so impressed with this talented team. The collaboration and consistent sense of urgency based on our priorities is unparalleled. It's rare to find a team that cares so much about the quality of their work as well as exceeding the needs of their clients. I highly recommend Kismet!
TJ Leonardo


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