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Go Ahead, Ask What Your Social Media Manager Can Do For You

Go Ahead, Ask What Your Social Media Manager Can Do For You

Today, social media permeates all aspects of business. In fact, a strong social media campaign might be the most important element of your brand’s marketing and managing it is a  specialized job. The common “do it and forget it” method could be a serious disservice to your growth. 

Long gone are the days of using Facebook solely to stay in touch with college pals. Social media is now like a megaphone blasting into digital space. It’s truly a conversation. And everything you say, or leave out, is shaping the online presence that determines your success. It’s simply the most powerful interaction tool your business has with its clients. Huge, right?!

On top of that, social media usage is constantly on the rise and platforms are rolling out new tools and features at breakneck speeds. It’s such a deep, diverse, and ever-evolving landscape that it’s best left up to the pros. You need experts with a strategy. And that’s us.

Kismet’s social media services are dedicated to your unique goals (read: you’re right, not every business needs Pinterest). Our team will audit your current approach, design and implement a plan focused on quality and consistency, and constantly analyze these practices to optimize effectiveness. 

The best part? Letting your Social Media Manager handle all of this actually saves you time and money in the long run. 

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Your SMM Regularly Provides Assets

Okay, let us explain. Social media assets are anything that makes up your social media presence. That includes content like videos, photos, and posts you’re tagged in – and the more original the content the better it performs. Your social media assets are a major contribution to your brand’s experience.

Your SMM knows how to create and direct content that is meaningful and relevant. These awesome assets build brand awareness and authority and help you stand out as the best in your industry.

Trust in Your SMM’s Creativity & Expertise

As consumers continue to value content that blends the line between authenticity and escapism, your social media manager may propose something that makes you bat an eye. That’s okay! But trust us – they know their field. And if it turns out the first direction is a bit off, they’ll have a pulse on it right away and already be executing their plan B moves.

SMMs are creative, tactical, and discerning by nature. (What a cool skill set!) It means they’re always sharing valuable and engaging content, on high alert to derail possible reputation hits, and have their clients at the heart of their work.

Have Realistic Expectations For Your SMM Budget

Remember how niche this role is? How SMMs are on top of all the many facets of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, and on and on? And remember how businesses should be posting as regularly as possible across platforms to maximize results?

Well, there’s more. Your SMM is also doing some graphic design, copywriting, data analytics, video editing, real-time response, aligning your brand, and most importantly – actively listening to your customers’ needs.

It’s all part of a strategy designed for your success. Having appropriate space in your budget for a strong SMM is what will ultimately turn your business goals into a success story. And that’s our goal.

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