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What the Heck is SEO?!

What the Heck is SEO?!

These days, staying on top of tech trends is practically mandatory to maintaining a thriving business. Consumers are researching more than ever, so your digital presence is a big deal. Things are constantly evolving. The SEO that worked yesterday might be ready for a refresh today.

Thing is – when it comes down to it, Google is the reigning queen. And she is super smart. Those old tricks like keyword stuffing and spinning content no longer cut it. Now it’s all about writing for people. It’s about adding value to the conversation, with a sprinkle of innovation on top.

The good news is, Kismet can crush it. Our team is responsive, creative, and confident. We approach SEO with the perfect blend of wisdom and invention so our clients can succeed. Just think of us as your SEO lifeboat. Ready to dive in?

So, What Happens During SEO?

Your story is a personal thing and how you tell it matters. Unifying your image across every channel is the first step. It explains who you are and who should be funneled to your site. Once you’ve established a strong brand foundation, it’s time to work our SEO magic.

Here’s the technical part: SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. That’s a fancy umbrella term for all the techniques used to ensure your business’ website ranks as high as possible on search engines like Google and Bing. And that’s what we want.

Kismet uses a comprehensive on-and-off-page SEO strategy inspired by ingenuity and consistency. What makes good SEO is always changing, but here are a few things we’re paying attention to right now:

  • Keyword research and behavioral analytics that help understand your target audience and focus on the human experience
  • Quality content creation that appeals to both human users and search engine algorithms, in a variety of formats
  • Internal and external link building that brings people to your site and keeps them there, think engagement and usability

All of these SEO processes help generate leads, improve your ranking visibility, and build credibility with search engines. That’s a huge win!

How Is My Business Ranked?

The ultimate goal of a search engine is to make people happy (okay, okay, that’s our goal, too).

When your business publishes content, search engine bots crawl your site for review, index your pages, and rank them in its search results. Search rankings favor websites that organically drive traffic and search engines promote sites based on their confidence in your business. We believe in you. We’ll make sure Google does, too.

Your site needs expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness – and that comes only through genuine care for your audience. You kind of have to earn your place. But don’t worry – we’re experts in making your brand and SEO shine together!

Awesome. What Do We Do Next?

This is the simplest part – talk to Kismet! Joey is our team SEO expert and your new bff. He’ll do an SEO audit to determine exactly what improvements can be made and take care of implementing them.

It can be some pretty techy stuff – navigation, URL structure, site mapping, mobile optimization, tagging and images – but we promise to make it painless. After everything is in place, we stick around to monitor results and tweak as needed. SEO is not a one and done sort of thing, it’s more of an ever-winding journey. And while it’s keeping us on our toes, you can rest.

We’re here for you, friends, and we are ALL IN. Not only making sure you’re seen and heard, but taking you all the way to the top, and celebrating with you when you get there.

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