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The client’s brand no longer represented their mission or voice. With an outdated website and communication strategy, and their marketing channels under new ownership, they needed a statement that really revitalized their character. The client had successfully improved the quality of life for so many customers, but it was time to refresh the vibe if they wanted to continue their reach. We had a unique opportunity to breathe new life into an established business.

The Approach

For inspiration, we looked back at the client’s impressive past. We wanted to incorporate their evolution into their rebrand and our strategy focused on honoring their history while still speaking to their relevance today. We brought them into the present moment without forgetting where they came from. We worked collaboratively with their team to incorporate a retro feeling into their new contemporary trademark which signaled a major comeback for this historical brand.

Branding and Logo Development

The client craved an image that made customers feel like they were truly part of something thriving and prestigious. We introduced a distinguished air to their label with a crown logo and abbreviated their title with a memorable acronym to add an unshakeable pulse. Our branding demonstrated the client’s business objectives and set them apart from their competitors.

RBC Life branding booklet display


Revamping the client’s website was the most critical element of this project. Their spotlight on driving sales meant we needed to create an ecommerce platform that inspired loyal customers through clear product descriptions, exceptional ease of use, and approachability. We recommended a natural and polished design that reflected the client’s voice as well as included  much needed UI/UX considerations to improve sales.

Social Media and Digital Ads

To grow this client’s brand, we used a multi-platform approach. Our consistent messaging and curated content created multiple touch points for our client, which helped maximize relationships with their customers. Our strategy was to build community over followers, to create a space where education and fun create a cross section to increase their brand awareness.

App Design Highlight

RBC Life App display on iPhone RBC Life App display

Our client needed a killer mobile app that focused on the user experience. We collaborated with the RBC Team, Gig World, Inc  to prioritize and improve the app’’s usability and shareability, and appeal to the client’s target audience who are their affiliates. We designed the menu, social feed, login, and loading screen to be navigable and on brand.

Collateral Design

RBC Life business card, brochure and letterhead display RBC Life business card, brochure and letterhead display

Collateral plays a huge part in helping customers feel connected. We curated a collection of physical and digital assets to support their affiliate marketers, sales, and their internal staff. We reinforced their media presence and promoted their business with a unified message that spans from catalogs to packaging.

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